New Jersey Home Inspections and Toxic Substances

New Jersey home inspections

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New Jersey home inspections and toxic substances often go hand in hand. While new homes are expected to be free of lead paint and asbestos there are plenty of older homes that require checking. Homes that have not been sold in decades and homes that have never been remodeled are particularly at risk of having toxic substances. Whether you undergo a pre-listing inspection or an inspection as part of the purchase process your NJ home inspector will know what to look for and what to text for toxicity.

The existence of toxic substances can derail the sale of a home or, at the very least, interfere with its timing. Health and safety are important to homeowners. Toxic substances, whether it be lead or mold, can affect the health of a home’s inhabitants. When toxic substances are found there may be a need to hire a specialist to discover the extent of the issue.

The important thing to remember is that when toxic substances are found they can be dealt with. Paint can be stripped, asbestos can be removed, and radon can be mitigated. The important thing is to have a NJ home inspection to determine whether a problem exists. A specialist can then be hired to determine the extent of the problem.

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