NJ Home Inspection Tips: Time To Winterize the Pipes

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A list of NJ home inspection tips should always note that this is the time of year to winterize the pipes. Winter brings freezing temperatures and ice to New Jersey. As a result preparation is necessary to weather the winter with as little issue as possible. Freezing temperatures can lead to freezing water which in turn can lead to burst pipes. This kind of damage is never welcome. More importantly these situations can be avoided.

You can hire a New Jersey home inspector to examine your pipes. However, you can also take care of insulating your pipes yourself if you see them exposed. Pipes in garages or un-insulated outer walls should be wrapped in insulating materials. If a garage door gets left open and the weather is freezing you might find yourself with an unexpected flood. Likewise, if the heat goes out you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Fall is the time of year to think ahead. Winter can be harsh and preparing your home for these colder climes is essential. A Bergen County home inspector can offer a checklist of what to do to prepare a home for winter. Taking care of your home not only helps avoid catastrophe but takes care of your investment.

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