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NJ home inspection

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Many people consider a NJ home inspection prior to listing a home for sale. A pre-listing home inspection can help a homeowner avoid any unforeseen surprises. The pre-listing home inspection can ensure that you know the exact health and condition of your home. While many people may think there are no issues with a home the fact is that every home inspection will uncover some issues. Not all issues are big problems, however. Get in touch with a New Jersey home inspector today to determine whether a pre-listing home inspection makes sense for you.

A NJ pre-listing home inspection can help save you time during the selling process. A home inspection is typically a contingency in a purchase contract. There are times when issues arise that are laborious to fix, not to mention costly. The ability to make these repairs prior to listing means there is time on your side. Taking care of large repairs when there are contractual time constraints can cost more. These repairs can also be stressful.

The problem with unforeseen surprises is that they can derail a home sale. Knowing the condition of your home can help you make necessary repairs prior to selling a home. This can also enable you to make issues know to a potential buyer. In this case you can lower the price or make the repairs. Either way you will not be caught off guard. Your NJ home inspector will do a thorough inspection of your home so that you and any potential buyers know what to expect.

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Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today, 800-696-5603, to learn more about the New Jersey home inspection process. We welcome the opportunity to share our checklist with you. A pre-listing home inspection can be an invaluable part of the selling process. If you are considering selling your home think about scheduling a NJ home inspection prior to listing it with a REALTOR.

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