New York or New Jersey Home Inspections


Avoid leaks in your New Jersey home’s attic by simply installing an overflow switch in your air conditioner’s overflow pan! Air conditioning is a coveted feature in any home, but when it causes a problem… that problem can be severe. One simple feature, an overflow switch, installed in your air conditioner will help avoid excess condensation and damage to your home.


Condensation can be your home’s worst enemy, leaking into ceilings, drywall, insulation and flooring.  Accumulation of moisture can accumulate behind the scenes until it’s too late and mold has taken hold.  Mold can be taken care of, but may involve replacing walls, floors, ceilings, insulation and more. The remediation of mold is a problem that can be avoided easily.


An overflow switch makes sure that no more moisture can come out of your air conditioning unit that should.  Excess moisture is part of an air conditioning system and when it flows out to a drain pan it needs to be stopped from traveling over its edge.  An overflow switch will stop excess from flowing over the pan’s edge.  This simple addition to your system can prevent a great deal of damage from occurring to your home.


Owning a home is a big investment and protecting that investment is extremely important. Home inspections are an integral part of any New York or New Jersey real estate transaction and potential sellers can avoid unexpected issues by conducting an inspection ahead of time.  Contact us today to learn more about home inspections in New York or New Jersey and learn how being proactive can save you frustration and money in the long run.


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