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Now is a great time of year for a New Jersey home inspection and checking the siding on your home is a wise decision.  Small things like missing nails, buckling boards, and chipping paint can reveal larger problems coming your way.  Making sure that you are aware of problems before they arise can help save money and headaches when it comes to home ownership.


Basic things to look for when checking the siding and the exterior of your NJ home include:


  • Look for stains, peeling or chipped paint, missing nails or nails that are loose and sticking out, missing mortar if you have a brick façade, or cracking stucco.
  • Look for insect damage.
  • Check for bird nests or insect nests, especially along the eaves and soffits.
  • Check the foundation while you are at it, to make sure there are no cracks.


Much of the damage that can be caused to the exterior of your NJ home is courtesy of Mother Nature.  The basic elements, whether rain, sleet, snow or sun take their toll on any home.  In addition animals and insects can play a role in attacking a home’s exterior.  Do your job to stay on top of issues and you will be protecting your investment.


Examine the siding of your New Jersey home now to see what damage may have occurred over the harsh winter months.  If you do not feel up to the challenge or doubt your abilities consider calling Sherlock Home Inspectors today.  Our expertise can help with all on your NJ home inspection needs and ensure that you avoid pitfalls whenever possible.


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