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There are common electrical issues related to New Jersey home inspections.  The electrical system is an important part of any home inspection and can also be tricky as the wiring in a home is typically hidden in the walls.  Exposed wires and overloaded fuse boxes are but a sampling of the issues that can be present in a home.  Knowing your home is safe is an important outcome of any NJ home inspection.


Your New Jersey home inspector should be able to look for red flags related to the electrical system in a home.  Where wires come together is a great place to start.  Wire connections should be protected in a junction box and any wire that ends should be covered by a nut to reduce shock value.  Another thing home inspectors need to look out for is knob and tube wiring.  This type of wiring was used in homes built before 1950 and does not meet today’s safety standards.


A home inspector will not repair electrical issues but exposing them will ensure that you can hire an experienced electrician who can.  Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for the best in NJ home inspection services.  Our knowledgeable team can help offer peace of mind to home buyers and homeowners, revealing the health and condition of a home so that its residents can sleep soundly at night.  Let our experience serve as your guide to the home inspection process.


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