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New Jersey home inspections see both big and small issues.  Every home inspection reveals something, it is next to impossible for a home to be perfect, even a brand new home.  Therefore inspections reveal a plethora of problems, from ripped screens and windows that stick to leaky roofs and insect infestations.  That being said, many home inspections uncover a list of very minor problems, some of which you may not even feel the need to fix.


When you hire a NJ home inspector you will receive a checklist that gives you an overview of everything that will be examined.  Expect s report that reveals things that are not obvious to you.  Small checklist items may include missing drawer pulls, missing switch plates, outlets that don’t work, and light bulbs that are out.  Bigger issues, like a leaky boiler or gutters that need to be replaced could also make a report.  Knowing what is a big problem and how to tackle it is something that should be weighed upon the inspection report’s review.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to leaner more about home inspections in New Jersey.  We welcome the opportunity to update you on the inspection process and common issues that arise while sharing a checklist with you at the same time.  Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to New Jersey home inspections.


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