A New Jersey home inspector proves that not everyone is trustworthy.  Sherlock inspector Ray Lovecchio was recently featured on a segment of Inside Edition where he gave his opinion on the condition of a roof.  The show highlighted that not all contractors  give truthful diagnoses and the importance of getting more than one opinion.


NJ home inspector Lovecchio and an experienced roofer examined the roof of a home for Inside Edition,  Both determined the roof in question was in fine condition but could fare well with minor repairs, noting this should not take more than a couple of hours and should not cost more than $400 to $600. Inside Edition had two unknowing contractors come by and both said the roof needed more work done, one saying a new roof was a good idea.  Both were wanting to charge the homeowner far more than was necessary.


The moral of the story is that you need to use qualified licensed and insured contractors when getting estimates for your home.  In this particular case a NJ home inspection would save a homeowner quite a bit of money.  If you are wondering about the health of your home consider hiring a reputable New Jersey home inspector.


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