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A New Jersey home inspector is an important part of the buying process.  Most home buyers don’t examine a home in the same detail an inspector will and therefore remain unaware of potential problems.  After all, looks can be deceiving.  A home may look great and buyers certainly want to trust sellers that a home is in great condition.


Unfortunately not all sellers are completely aware of the condition of a home and a problem could be bubbling underneath that could put a dent in your plans to live happily ever after in your new home.  A New Jersey home inspection is an essential element in making a solid real estate investment.


Issues do not have to mean a real estate transaction comes to an end.  A seller can make repairs or offer up money at closing to take care of the repairs.  If there is an impasse then a buyer has to decide if he is willing to take he home as-is, bearing the responsibility of repairs. Irregardless, the fact remains that a buyer deserves to know the overall health and condition of a home, something your NJ home inspector can provide.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about the NJ home inspection process.  We welcome the opportunity to share our checklist with you.  Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide, providing a New Jersey home inspector to examine your home thoroughly.


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