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Have a NJ home inspection before having the first fire in your fireplace.  A cleaning of the chimney is one thing, inspecting it is another.  Everyone loves a fire in colder weather, aside from the heat there is a certain ambiance that cannot be replicated any other way.  Making sure this feature in your home is safe before you start using it for the winter is essential.


Your New Jersey home inspector will have a thorough checklist for your fireplace inspection, including the chimney, the flue, and the firebox.  It is important to make sure that there are no cracks where fire can escape or where sparks can wedge themselves.  Knowing your fireplace is safe can enable you to enjoy the warmth and coziness a fire creates.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule an inspection of your NJ home.  We welcome the opportunity to conduct a seasonal inspection or a thorough inspection.  Knowing the health of your home is an important part of protecting your investment.  Let us serve as your guide to the NJ home inspection process.


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