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When it comes to a NJ home inspection there is a bright side to rain.  Water and water damage are major culprits to homes and rainy weather allows homeowners the opportunity to explore for leaks and weak spots around their homes.  Unfortunately many home owners don’t know they have an issue until its too late and being proactive and inspecting your home can save you a headache in the future.


Rainy day home inspection checklist:Gutters. Make sure they are doing their job.


  • Roof. Make sure there are no holes or leaks.
  • Windows and doors.  Check the seals and trim around windows and doors for leaks.
  • Foundation.  Make sure the foundation is not allowing water into your home, especially your basement.


These are but a few tips for a rainy day inspection of your NJ home.  Rainy weather offers a great excuse to check your home inside and out for how moisture may be taking its toll.


Next time a rain storm hits take the time to examine your home.  If you find suspected issues contact a NJ home inspector or contractor and have him come out and take a look, taking the time to be proactive can save you a bundle in repair costs down the line.


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