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Know the checklist when it comes to scheduling a NJ home inspection.  There are basics that should be examined in a home and if your inspector does not plan to cover them then you should question his experience and knowledge of the business.  Knowing the basics is important if you are going to interview a NJ home inspector.


Your basic pre-sale home inspection should examine the following:


  • Structural Elements, including walls, floors, and the foundation among other things.
  • The exterior of your home including the landscaping, elevation of the home, grading, drainage, sidewalks, driveway, windows, and more.
  • The roof, including what type of roofing materials were used, gutters, and ventilation.
  • The plumbing system, examining the pipes and fixtures.
  • HVAC and home systems, including water heaters, air conditioning, duct work, and a fireplace and chimney if you have one.
  • Electrical systems in your home, including the circuit breakers and fuse boxes, outlets, ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Appliances inside the home.
  • The garage.  Don’t overlook the garage, an important addition to any home.


Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for all you need to know about NJ home inspections.  Our knowledge and experience can help insure that you know exactly what you are getting when you buy a home.  Let our knowledge and experience work to your advantage for all of your home inspection needs.


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