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Deal breakers can be the outcome of NJ home inspections. If major issues are found with a home and the seller refuses to fix them or offer money for you to fix them you, as the buyer, may be left with walking away as the only option. The important thing is to make sure you have an inspection contingency in your contract to purchase a home.


What is a deal breaker? If your NJ home inspection reveals an issue with the foundation, an insect infestation, or a faulty roof then you have some serious questions to ask. Are you willing to take on costly repairs? Will the seller make the repairs? More importantly, do you trust that these repairs will solve the problem at hand?


If you love a home so much that you are willing to absorb costly repairs in order to purchase it that is a decision you must live with. Knowing what the issues are is far better than being surprised on the day you move in. Sit down with your New Jersey home inspector to ensure that you understand his report thoroughly. Getting your questions answered is an important part of the process.


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