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NJ home inspections can benefit from routine maintenance and Fall is a great time of year to examine the exterior of your home. At this time of year homeowners are blowing out sprinkler systems, raking leaves, aerating lawns, cutting back shrubs and pruning branches. This is also a great time to walk around your home and assess its condition prior to winter’s arrival.


Inspecting your NJ home should include some maintenance items. Clearing debris out of the gutters and making sure the gutters are securely connected is a great annual project for this time of year. Likewise, if you have heat tape installed in your gutters or along the lower portions of your roof make sure it is working. Gutters are essential for diverting water and moisture away from a home, including the foundation. While you are outside working take a look at your windows, doors, and siding as well. Eliminating air leaks will ensure greater efficiency during the colder months.


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