NJ Home Inspections, How Safe is that Deck?

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How safe is that deck is a question answered by NJ home inspections. Whether a home is being inspected for a purchase/sale or for a homeowner’s interest, it is essential to check every aspect. Summer is here and now is the time of year when a deck is in full use. Knowing that a deck is strong, stable, and secure is essential. Speak with your New Jersey home inspector to ensure that your deck is safe.

A deck needs to have a strong foundation and a strong attachment to a home. Your NJ home inspector will ensure that its footers are solid, the connections are secure, and the railing is tight. Likewise it is important to know how much weight a deck can support. A buyer may expect to place a hot tub on the deck but be unable to due to the weight load.

Another common issue with decks involves rotting decking. Some planks may be just fine where others may have lost their screws or be failing. Decks need regular maintenance and if a homeowner has not attended to a deck then issues could be present.

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