NJ Home Inspections in Winter

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NJ home inspections in winter are not without their challenges. Frozen ground, ice, and snow, can reveal certain issues while hiding others. Experienced home inspectors know what to look for and can help you understand the condition of a home and how it operates during colder months. Knowing that you a re getting the most out of your New Jersey home inspection is important and enlisting capable services is essential.


Inspecting a roof can pose challenges during the winter, especially when blanketed in snow. When covered in an inch or two of snow the roofing material is hidden and its condition is tough to ascertain. While you will not know the exact condition until the snow melts you can tell a lot by whether or not ice is formed. The other thing that snow makes difficult to see is the foundation. When snow is piled up against the home you may have to accept that you will not see the foundation until spring.


A positive aspect of a winter home inspection is the heating system. Your NJ home inspector will get a thorough look at how well the heating system works in a home and how warm (or cold) individual rooms may be. Likewise winter is a great time to experience whether a home is drafty or not.


Winter may pose its challenges with regards to inspecting NJ homes but its is still doable. Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about the home inspection process during winter. Our knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors will fill you in on the process and answer any questions you may have. We welcome the opportunity to serve as your guide to NJ home inspections in winter.


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