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New Jersey home inspectors examine siding as part of the home inspection.  This is one reason why having an experienced and educated home inspector matters.  Different types of siding have different issues and knowing what to look for with each material matters.  A home inspector will examine the siding of your home and determine its condition.


Types of siding on New Jersey home include wood, stucco, vinyl, stone, brick, and cement fiber to name a few.  Wood siding is a common material found on the exterior of a house, it should be painted, caulked, and free of termites to pass an inspection adequately.  Likewise vinyl siding is a durable choice for a house but can crack when hit by debris and falling branches. Making sure the vinyl is in good shape is essential.


Siding on homes can hide water damage and termite infestation among other things.  Luckily when there are issues there are almost always signs of issues and an experienced NJ home inspector knows what these signs are.  This is the point of a NJ home inspection, to expose the health of a home and uncover any issues that exist.  Whether you are purchasing a home or conducting a home inspection prior to listing a home you want to make sure that you hire a reputable home inspection company to look at your home.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule a New Jersey home inspection.  Our educated and experienced inspectors welcome the opportunity to fill you in on the home inspection process while sharing a sample checklist at the same time.  Let our knowledge serve as your New Jersey home inspectors of choice.


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