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Choose your inspector wisely when scheduling New Jersey home inspections.  A home inspection is an extremely important piece of the real estate puzzle.  The inspection reveals whether or not there are flaws with a home, not cosmetic flaws but issues that could cost you a greta deal of money down the road or perhaps even affect the health of your home and your family.  Your REALTOR will be helpful in recommending a NJ home inspector but it is still important for you to make sure you are getting the best home inspection you can find.


What should you be looking for when choosing a NJ home inspector?  Experience is number one on the list.  Knowing you have an inspector who knows what to look for is one thing, knowing you have an inspector who has diagnosed issues is another.  Location is next.  How long has the New Jersey inspector been working in the area?  This matters because there are issues that are location related.  A knowledgeable inspector from the area knows the signs for certain pest issues, mold issues, foundation issues, problems seen with specific materials, etc. related specifically to the area.  This can prove to be invaluable, helping to avoid overlooking something a novice might.


Other important things that can be helpful when looking to hit a New Jersey home inspection company is being able to view their checklist.  Understanding what your inspector will be looking at is important.  Most important should be taking recommendations seriously.  Talk to your friends, neighbors, and real estate professionals.  Choosing a solid reputation is important when making such a big investment as buying a home.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about the NJ home inspection process.    We welcome the opportunity to fill you in on the process while answering any questions you may have at the same time.  Our knowledge and experience can give you peace of mind when selecting an inspector for New Jersey Home Inspections.


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