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NJ home inspections and lead paint often go hand in hand.  While lead paint has not been used for decades now, it does still exist.  While the lead may have many other layers painted over and is seemingly causing no harm, it can be dangerous if revealed.  Your New Jersey home inspector will know whether your home is a candidate for an inspection of lead paint.


Lead paint was common in homes built prior to 1978.  New homes, therefore, do not require testing for lead but many homes do.  Lead poses an issue particularly for young  children and pregnant women.  The lead surfaces in forms of dust, paint chips, and the like.  While a New Jersey Home Inspector cannot re-mediate a lead paint issue the ability to reveal that one exists enables the homeowner to get the problem addressed.


Sherlock Home Inspectors conduct an all-encompassing exam of homes.  Our NY/NJ home inspectors know to inspect for the existence of lead paint in older homes.  If you are conducting a remodel of an older home or purchasing a home give us a call today.  Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to NJ home inspections.


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