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Why hire a New Jersey home inspector? Many people think they can look at a home on their own, negating the need for an inspector.  While this is certainly true and there is no law that you have to hire a home inspector the reality is that a New Jersey home inspection company has experience and this experience leads to a checklist and an awareness of what to examine and what to keep an eye on.


This biggest issue with conducting a NJ home inspection on your own is keeping objective.  If you have fallen in love with a home you may find yourself overlooking the obvious.  In addition, you may not be aware of the variety that exists in wiring, plumbing, and construction.  An experienced NJ home inspector is familiar with a variety of systems and how they may work together.


A third party exam of a home can impart fair information on the health of a home.  Knowing that a thorough and complete home inspection has occurred ensures that a buyer knows exactly what he is getting in a home.  Sherlock Home Inspectors is your choice for hiring a New Jersey home inspector.


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