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NJ home inspectors find issues with homes they do not solve issues.  This is an important distinction.  Whether you are conducting a home inspection to better understand the health of your home or as part of a real estate transaction it is important to understand the basics of a home inspection.  A home inspection finds issues and flaws, it does not involve repairs or treatments.


A New Jersey home inspection will always reveal some type of issue.  Issues that are revealed from a home inspection can be big, like holes in the roof or a cracked foundation, or small like a dripping faucet or a torn window screen.  When you are presented with an inspection report it is up to you, as the home owner, buyer, or seller, what to do with it.  A great example is mold.  If your home inspector finds mold you will find a mold remediation specialist to further examine the issue, determine the scope of the problem, and get to work on eradicating the mold in your home.


A home inspection is extremely helpful for identifying issues in a home.  The overall health report will lead you to a better understanding of the health of a home and whether specialists are needed to improve this health.  A home is a big investment and knowing its true condition is essential.  A knowledgeable and experienced home inspector in New Jersey can help give you the peace of mind you need, especially when purchasing a new property.


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