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A New Jersey home inspection could uncover foundation issues.  While this sounds like the worst case outcome of a home inspection it is important to realize that it is better to know if there is a problem than not.  Any issue can be addressed, not knowing could result in catastrophe.  Checking the foundation should be on the checklist of every NJ home inspector.


When homes are built it is natural for some settling to occur over time.  Sometimes this results in small cracks or fractures and sometimes this means much more serious issues.  The foundation is the base of your home and large shifts can effect the walls, windows, floors, and doors.  If your NJ home inspector finds flaws with the foundation you can find a specialist to further evaluate the problem and the soils around the home.


Home inspections are an important part of any real estate transaction and can also offer peace of mind to homeowners who suspect and issue with a home.  The checklist is detailed and will provide and overall exam of a house.  Take the time to ensure that your foundation is solid.  Knowing the base of your structure is essential.


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