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NJ home inspectors are not responsible for the conditions found inside of a home.  While certainly a home inspector can be the bearer of bad news from time to time it is important to remember that is is merely the messenger.  No one is happy when issues arise but the reality is, it is better to know what the true health of a home is than not.


When issues arise with a New Jersey home inspection it may be that a specialist is recommended to examine the issue further.  Whether the issue is a leaky roof, a faulty wiring system, or a foundation issue, the problem should be thoroughly examined moving forward.  Your home inspector is there to look at the basic condition of a home and any red flags that present themselves will be reported.


Contact our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about home inspections in New Jersey.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the process with you while sharing a checklist at the same time.  Our knowledge and experience can serve as your guide, filling in as your NJ home inspectors of choice.


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