New Jersey Home Inspection Same as Appraisal?

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Is a New Jersey home inspection the same thing as an appraisal?  No.  An appraisal determines the value of a home through a thoughtful process that includes evaluating recent home sales, looking at current property listings, and comparing what a home has to offer in relation to others in the area.  A NJ home inspector will evaluate the condition of a home by using a checklist that covers all of the bases.


A home inspection contingency in a real estate contract covers a buyer in the case where big issues may exist.  If a home inspection reveals a roof replacement is necessary, for example, a buyer could request the roof be replaced prior to closing or that funds be offered at closing for the buyer to get the replacement done.  A NJ home inspection may reveal to a buyer whether a home is worth the appraised value in the case of severe issues but does not determine what fair market value is for a property.


Sherlock Home Inspectors can offers peace of mind to home buyers by offering thorough NJ home inspection services.  Let our knowledge and experience help you understand the health of a home before you complete your purchase.  We welcome the opportunity to share our checklist with you, serving as your guide to a New Jersey home inspection.


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