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NJ home inspections include the foundation. The foundation is a very important element in any home and making sure it is solid is essential. Issues with the foundation can be small or large, the difference between small leaks or slanting floors. More important however, can be the price tag of repairs associated with foundation related issues, something no buyer wants to be caught off guard with. Your New Jersey home inspector will offer peace of mind, examining the foundation of your home to reveal whether issues exist.


There are some key elements involved in a foundation check. One of the first things is above ground and that is whether doors and windows in the home are sticking. If they are sticking or perhaps worse, harder to open and close, it can be a clear sign of issues with a foundation. Other visible signs include cracks and signs of water damage. These signs can be examined inside and outside of the home. The value of using an experienced home inspection company to evaluate your home is that the inspectors know what to look for when examining the foundation.


Let Sherlock Home Inspectors be your New Jersey home inspection company of choice. Our dedicated team knows what to look for when examining the foundation of your home and can help ensure that you know the exact health and condition of a home you are considering purchasing. A home is a big investment and knowing it is in good condition is essential.


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