New Jersey Home Inspections: Roof Inspections in Winter

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Roof inspections in the winter can be tough. In New Jersey winter can equal snow and ice and as such the roof can end up being buried for days, weeks, and sometimes months. The question is, how can you inspect the roof when it is covered in snow. Your NJ home inspector will have the experience necessary to determine the condition of a roof, regardless of the time of year.


During the winter the condition of a roof may be very clear, whether you can see it or not. Massive icicle buildup, for example, can demonstrate poor insulation. Likewise the ceilings in a home are often the warmest places, heat rises after all. If a ceiling is leaking it is a dead giveaway that your roof is either leaking or has developed ice dams. If you are buying or selling real estate during the winter a home inspection is a part of the deal. You may not be able to see the roofing materials but your New Jersey home inspector will certainly know what signs to look for when examining the interior and exterior of the home in question.


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