NJ Home Inspectors: Safely Take Down Holiday Lighting

NJ Home inspectors have an eye on safety and at this time of year knowing how to safely take down holiday lighting is important. You may not be aware but a number of accident occur each year from people placing themselves in precarious situations taking down the lighting that they painstakingly placed in an effort to showcase their holiday spirit. Let me, Ray Lovecchio of Sherlock Home Inspectors, share some helpful tips and advice on how best to remove holiday lighting from your New Jersey home.

  • First and foremost consider the placement of your ladder. If the ladder is placed too close to the house it will slide out from underneath you. Setting your ladder at the proper angle is essential.
  • Next you must consider the footing of the ladder. Both of the ladder feet need to be planted firmly on the ground. Keep in mind that snow and ice can make this difficult but taking the time to clear the ground under the feet is important.
  • Another important detail is the fact that you should never stand at the top of the ladder. You should not stand on the upper four rungs. In addition do not lean too far to one side of the ladder. When you descend from the ladder keep both hands on the rungs.
  • Take the time you need to take down your holiday lights properly and avoid an accident. There are approximately 250,000 accidents a year from improper use of ladders.

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