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NJ home inspections should include the foundation.  The foundation is the base for any home and if one is faulty or deteriorating you will experience issues down the road.  Settling is normal for a home but large cracks in the foundation are not. A home inspection offers great insight to the overall health of a home and knowing your foundation is in good condition is a piece of this.


Visible signs that you have issues, or could have issues, with your foundation can often be found by inspecting your New Jersey home a little higher up that you might imagine.  Sticky windows, cracks in the walls or floors, and doors that are hard to open and close can all be telltale signs.  If you notice any issues you might want to schedule a NJ home inspector to find out if you have a real problem or simply issues related to humidity and seasonal changes.


Taking care of a home is an important part of ownership.  Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about home inspections in New Jersey and what the procedure should cover.  We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with you, ensuring that you know the exact condition of your home.


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