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When it comes to NJ home inspections, preventative maintenance helps. If you notice a problem in your home and can fix it before it spirals out of control then you have a chance to protect your investment and avoid costly damages and repairs down the road. Some things are easy for you to check yourself, others you may want to a hire a New Jersey home inspector for. Regardless, knowing the shape your home is in will give you peace of mind, especially if you are considering selling in the near future.


One thing you can keep on top of yourself is pest control. Keeping an eye on rodents, termites and the like is easy is you know what signs to look for. If you hear sounds in a wall, find rodent droppings, or holes where there shouldn’t be holes you may have an issue. Of course there area plenty of homeowners that are disturbed by little critters, in which case calling an exterminator or pest control company may be your choice.


Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for more information on home inspections in the NY/NJ area. We welcome the opportunity to share our checklist with you and let you know what to expect from an inspection. Let our knowledge and experience work to your advantage, helping you determine the exact conditions of your home.


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