NJ Home Inspections Reveal Strange Things at Times

NJ home inspections

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NJ home inspections reveal strange things at times. This can, in fact, be the reason to have a pre-purchase home inspection. The object of a pre-purchase inspection is to understand the exact condition of a home that you are buying. Nothing could be worse than moving into a new home to discover that disaster awaits. Whether this means leaky pipes, faulty wiring, or a family of birds in your chimney, you do not want to be caught off guard. A New Jersey home inspector can offer great peace of mind, helping you take care of issues prior to move-in day.


Odd things to a NJ home inspector are things that should not be in your home and could potentially cause issues. This could include DIY projects gone wrong or critters living in your walls. While sellers are required to disclose issues with a home there are those that try to mask them instead. Luckily a reputable inspector knows what to look for and will reveal issues affecting the structure or systems in a home.


Sherlock Home Inspectors have the experience you need to examine your home. Our NJ home inspections are thorough and will reveal any oddities that should not be in your home. We will examine your home from the foundation to the roof and deliver you a report on what we have discovered. Let our knowledge serve as your guide to NJ home inspections.


Click here to read “Home Inspectors on Their Weirdest Discoveries” from The New York Times.


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