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Rodents are often revealed to be an issue with NJ home inspections.  As we approach cooler weather rodents are looking for somewhere nice and cozy to spend the winter.  Oftentimes this warm and cozy place is right inside your home, the last place you want rodents.  An experienced New Jersey home inspector knows the signs of rodent infestation and can determine whether you have a problem.


Rodents in your home are unwanted for numerous reasons, from the ability to destroy things like chewing through wires and eating your food, not to mention other things like shoes, to the very real possibility of spreading disease.  Rodents may not always be visible to you and therefore the issue can be revealed when it has become a full scale problem.  When a home inspection reveals an issue you want to address it as soon as possible with a professional extermination service.


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Click here to read “Rodent Inspection” from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.


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