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NJ home inspectors look for signs of mold when leaks have clearly occurred or high moisture areas are evident.  Mold can be simple, present in many grout and caulk lines in showers and bathtubs, and easily scoured away but it can also be widespread, in areas like crawl spaces, basements, and inside of walls, where its removal is complicated.  Perennial dampness, excessive moisture, and leaking pipes are on a checklist for a New Jersey home inspection.


Mold thrives in wet, damp conditions, and knowing that you have these conditions present in a home is important.  Not everyone is sensitive to mold but those that are face the chance of developing asthma, lung infections, and more.  The health and safety of a home is at the forefront of most home inspections services in NJ.  If mold is discovered it can be remediated but knowing of its presence is absolutely the first step.


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