Home Inspection Necessary for New Construction?

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If you are buying a new home you may wonder whether a home inspection is necessary for new construction. It’s a great question to pose to your REALTOR or a New Jersey home inspector. The answer you should be given is yes. Every home inspection will reveal something. Many of items on a checklist are not crucial but some are. Before moving into a new home you want to make sure that everything works. Your NJ home inspection will offer a thorough exam of your new home to be.

One of the biggest issues found with new homes is that they are not always built to code. Codes exist for a reason and as a new home buyer you want your new home to be built by today’s code. NJ home inspectors know what to look for. Another problem with new homes can be that not all systems are working properly. You want to make sure that new appliances are not only working but also that there are no recalls out on them yet.

A new home is great. It will offer a blank canvas for you and your family. Making sure the home is in the condition it appears is essential. From the foundation to the landscaping to the roof. Your NJ home inspection service will ensure that your new home is operating properly.

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