NJ Home Inspections, Common Issues

NJ home insepctions

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NJ home inspections reveal that there are common issues that arise. Home inspections take place most often during real estate transactions. Sometimes people thinking about listing a home for sale conduct a home inspection in order to evaluate the condition of a home so that repairs can be made and no unexpected issues arise during the selling process. Other times people simply want t understand the overall health of a home. The most common occurrence, however, is a buyer hiring a New Jersey home inspector as part of the process once he has a home under contract. Regardless of the reason for conducting a home inspection the reality is that every home will have some issues. NJ home inspectors have seen it all and certainly see some issues arise more frequently than others.

Common issues associates with New Jersey home inspections include:

  • Electrical issues. Older homes may have aged systems in place. Faulty wiring is not uncommon, and often wire notes are missing leaving wires exposed.
  • Water issues in the basement. Many basements are damp and musty or moldy, some with pooling water, especially during rainy periods. Evidence of water stains and mold or mildew is there even in dryer times.
  • Roof issues. Missing tiles or shingles.
  • Plumbing issues. Poor water pressure, leaking in under cabinets, and slow drains are but a few issues often seen.

These are but a few items that are common during home inspections. While most everything can be repaired or replaced there are times when issues are just to much for a buyer to want to deal with. Likewise a seller might discount the sale price on his home if he knows that issues exist but does not want to face the repairs himself.

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