NJ Home Inspections May Reveal Need for Specialists

NJ home inspections

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NJ home inspections may reveal the need for specialists. A home inspector will conduct a thorough exam of a home. But when issues arise so may the need for further examination. An experienced New Jersey home inspector knows how to uncover issues.  Part of his job is knowing when to recommend hiring a specialist.


What kind of issues require a specialist? One example is when windows and/or doors won’t close properly. This can mean there are structural issues with a home. This situation would call for a structural engineer. A structural engineer has the ability to examine a home’s foundation and skeleton to determine what issues may exist and what can be done to fix these issues.


Another instance where a specialist would be called upon is when there is evidence of insect damage. Insects, like termites, can do a lot of damage to a home.  A pest control specialist should be called when insects are present. A pest control specialist will determine whether the issue is contained or widespread.  From here he will recommend a method of treatment. There are other cases for specialists to be called upon. Click here to read “Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers” from House Logic for more information on when to call upon specialized NJ home inspectors.

Issues lead to diagnosis

Not every issue a NJ home inspector finds will result in a major issue but it is always better to have a thorough diagnosis to avoid a disaster down the road. Knowledge is power and when it comes to your home this knowledge protects your largest investment, that in your home and your family. Take the time to discuss issues that arise in a home inspection and feel comfortable that you have a complete picture of the health of your home.


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