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New Jersey home inspections and radon testing often go hand in hand, especially when a home purchase is the reason for the inspection. Radon is a common gas found in the earth and one that leaks into homes. This gas is linked to health issues and is not a welcome presence. Luckily radon can be mitigated. The important thing for a homeowner is to know whether or not radon exists. Your New Jersey home inspector will be able to offer radon testing if its existence is not already known.


It is important to understand that radon is common.  A homeowner would not know that radon is present in a home unless a test occurred. This gas is invisible and has no odor. Radon can enter a home through the foundation and other conduits. Radon testing can be, and should be, a part of your NJ home inspection plan.


It is important for homeowners to understand that a NJ home inspector that discovers radon in a home does not eliminate the existence of radon. When radon is revealed a mitigation plan can be implemented by a company that deals with radon mitigation. Your home inspection report is a diagnosis of the health of your home and knowing whether radon is present is directly related to the health of a home’s residents.


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