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Inspect the roof on your NJ home.  Now is a great time of year to inspect your roof for any damage that might have been caused during the harsh winter months.  This winter in particular was a heavy snow year and you never know what the heavy loads may have done to your home’s roof.


What kind of damage should you look for on the roof of your New Jersey home?  Missing shingles are obvious but loose shingles are not.  Check the roof shingles or tiles to see if any are loose.  Loose tiles or shingles can be secured or replaced prior to any damage being caused should they dislodge completely.  This is also a great time to check the flashing around your chimney as well as seals around your skylights.


Warmer months are an ideal time to inspect your NJ home and if you are not up to the task it certainly pays in the long run to have your home inspected by a professional.  Contact our team today to schedule a home inspection in New Jersey.  Our knowledge and experience can help you avoid unexpected issues that might arise with your home.


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