New Jersey home inspection

Sherlock Home Inspectors, help for your New Jersey home

Prepare to insect-proof your NJ home.  Keeping pests away is an important part of home ownership, especially in places with seasonal climate changes and bugs that arrive as temperatures thaw.  Insects like termites and carpenter ants can do a number on your New Jersey home and prevention is instrumental in avoiding costly damages.


Prior to insect-proofing your home consider the following steps to help maximize the results of any spraying or baiting you might do:


  • Remove firewood from perimeter of your dwelling.
  • Trim back shrubs from foundation and exterior of your home.
  • Cut back over hanging tree limbs on roof areas.
  • Seal any open penetrations in the foundation, especially in a/c piping, hose bibs, and sump pump discharge piping.


Taking these steps is important for preventative maintenance of your New Jersey home.  This is also a great time of year for a home inspection. An experienced New Jersey home inspector can examine your home to see if any insect damage has occurred.  Taking care of your home prior to insects taking hold should be a priority.


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