NJ home inspections

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Get your New Jersey home ready for the spring thaw.  Spring creeps up on us, teasing us with warmer temperatures and sunny days and as quickly as it comes it can go.  This time of year requires preparation, checking a variety of pieces and parts of our homes so that we are ready for everything that melts as well as anything that may refreeze.


To prepare your NJ home for the spring thaw take care of the following:


Check your sump pump.  Focus on the interior and exterior drains to make sure there are no clogs.  Clear these drains of all debris.


Examine your foundation.  Extend leaders away from your foundation and seal any cracks you come across.  A sealed foundation will deter any water intrusion into your home.


Inspecting your New Jersey home at pivotal times of the year can help you maintain its condition and its value.  Your home is a big investment and weather can take its toll.  Helping your home transition from season to season is an important part of home ownership.  If you do not feel qualified to inspect your home an experienced NJ home inspection service can prove to be invaluable.


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