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Let’s keep the A/C unit in your NJ home from overheating!


Let’s face it, we love our A/C units in the heat of the summer and when they overheat and shut down life can turn miserable.  Knowing how to stave off the issues and keep cool when it is unbearably hot can make life much more comfortable.  Spring is coming in New Jersey, which means summer is around the corner AND now is the time to do a once-over on your A/C system.


Take a good look at the air conditioning system in your New Jersey home, the condensing unit is outside your home which means the elements have had their way with it.  Remove any leaves, mulch and debris from the condensing unit.  The compressor and condenser coil are located here, prime targets of overheating and the cleaner they are the more efficiently they will work. Anything clogging these parts can result in burning out the compressor or can damage the coil, expensive and inconvenient repairs when they arise.


Your A/C unit is an important part of inspecting your New Jersey home prior to summer.  Take care to maintain it and it will be available when you need it.  Preventative maintenance is a big part of owning a home.


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Click here to read “Air Conditioner / Heat Pump Diagnostic Procedures” from Inspectapedia.com for more information on being proactive with your air conditioner.