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Completing a thorough HVAC start-up for your New Jersey home is an excellent idea and can keep you from experiencing any surprises.  From changing air filters to checking your condensing units and everything in between, there are steps that you can take to maintain your system on your own or hire a professional to complete.


HVAC spring checklist:


  • Check and clean filters.  Dirty and clogged filters can get in the way of your system, slowing it down and eventually hindering its operation all together.  Changing the filters quarterly is a great idea, but at the very least it should be completed twice a year.
  • Adjust your ducts.  Your ducts work differently for heating and cooling.  If your system has been in place for a lengthy period of time your duct settings should be marked, if not you can make adjustments as you go along and determine what the right airflow is for your and your comfort level.
  • Drain and clean your humidifiers.  Standing water and old fluids can smell and cause mold.  Starting fresh will improve the air quality and humidification level in your home.
  • Check the condensing units outside your home.  Remove any dirt and debris which will in turn help avoid overheating issues and subsequently burning out the motor.
  • Check the condensate piping for clogging.  The attic is a good place to focus here.  Make sure drains and pipes are free flowing to keep your humidity levels where you want them.


Inspecting your NJ home and all of its moving parts is an important part of home ownership.  Preventative check-ups can help avoid issues in your HVAC system when you really need it to work.  While you may not feel comfortable doing these steps on your own, hiring a professional is always and option.  Contact us today for all your NJ home inspection needs.


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