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Now is a great time of year for a NJ home inspection and deck safety should be a priority.  Spring and summer is when our deck gets used the most, an ideal spot for enjoying warmer weather and fresh air.  We all love a great deck and it is important that proper maintenance and care take place for safety.  From cleaning and staining to replacing deck screws and tightening lag bolts, make sure your deck is in tip top condition prior to the height of BBQ season.


What should a deck inspection at your NJ home include?  You should examine all deck boards for rot, loose screws, and their overall appearance.  Any boards showing excessive wear and tear can be replaced, as can missing or loose screws.  It is a great idea to pressure wash the decking and treat with a deck stain of your choosing.  Attending to this annually will extend the healthy life of your deck.


Deck railings are another item on the inspection list.  Every vertical slat should be secured tightly and in good shape.  In addition, the main frame should be well secured to the deck to ensure safety when people lean against it.  Often lag bolts need to be tightened as they can loosen when wood shrinks and expands due to changing climates.


The deck is but one area to focus on during this time of year.  Contact the team at Sherlock Home Inspectors to schedule your NJ home inspection today.  We welcome the opportunity to examine your home and point you in the right direction for necessary repairs.


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