NJ Home Inspection, Is Visual Enough?

NJ home inspection

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Is visual enough when it comes to a NJ home inspection? After all, you can look at wires all day long and not know if they are faulty. Likewise you can look at a wall and not know that it hides mold. A visual inspection is, however, the way of a home inspection. This is why it is so important to have experience and knowledge on your side. There are telling signs for most issues and most NJ home inspectors have seen it all.

A New Jersey home inspection is visual. A home inspector will enter a home and observe everything that is not blocked from view. This includes looking at the foundation for cracks as well as signs of water damage. This also includes turning on faucets and looking underneath sink cabinets for drips. Light switches will be turned on, windows will be opened and closed, as will doors. The point is that everything will be examined that is possible to examine.

If a visual inspection reveals an issue it can be addressed further. For example, if your NJ home inspector finds signs of termite damage you will want to hire a professional to examine the extent of the issue. Likewise a crack in the foundation will require a contractor to examine it further. The important thing is to have a NJ home inspection in the first place, ensuring that you know the exact health and safety of the home in question.

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