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Structural issues can be revealed through NJ home inspections. The foundation of a home is important. As a result, making sure a home is structurally sound is instrumental for a sound investment. A New Jersey home inspector knows how to examine the foundation and structure of a home to ensure that a home is both safe and healthy.

The foundation is an important part of a home, after all it is its base. However, not all cracks are created equal and it is possible for a crack to not be a big deal. A NJ home inspector knows when a foundation requires an examination by a specialist and when a crack is merely a crack. A visual inspection may lead to speculation requiring a deeper look.

Other structural issues include load bearing walls. It is important that load bearing walls remain in place, as engineered. If they are altered or removed a home’s safety can be in jeopardy. An experienced NJ home inspections should reveal whether load bearing walls have been removed. If an inspector has any question he will suggest that a structural engineer examine the home further.

NJ home inspections reveal signs of structural damage

There are other telltale signs of structural damage or interference with a home’s structural integrity. Pooling water is one such sign. The important thing to remember is that a knowledgeable NJ home inspector will know what to look for. The health and safety of a home is at the forefront of any home inspection.

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