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NJ home inspectors look for danger in a home. Danger equates to things in a home that are unsafe. These might be things that are unsafe for a person’s health, unsafe for the structure and systems in a home, or all of the above. While a home inspection is most often associated with a home sale there are those that have inspections done periodically to inspect the overall condition of a home. Regardless of the reason for the home inspection, your Bergen County home inspector will examine your home to ensure that it is safe.

What are common dangers in a home? Radon, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and lead are but a few hazards that can be found in a home. While NJ home inspectors won’t fix the problem, and maybe cannot determine the full extent of the issue, they will reveal that a hazard exists and needs attention. A home buyer certainly needs to know if asbestos is present, for example, especially if work will be done once the home is purchased. Health and safety are at the forefront of any NJ home inspection.

A home inspector reveals a danger in a home. Once something is discovered a specialist may be needed to uncover the extent of the hazard. An experienced radon tester will reveal the extent of the radon and recommend a company that can mitigate. Likewise the signs of termites will require a further exam and the hiring of an exterminator.

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