NJ home inspectors

Sherlock Home Inspectors, giving your NJ home a thorough exam

Issues arise when conducting a NJ home inspection.  Sometimes these issues are expected, sometimes they are completely unexpected.  Regardless, when issues arise there are decisions to be made.  Many homes are inspected as a result of a pending home sale, others because homeowners want to stay on top of the general health of their homes.


A NJ home inspector is in the position of examining a home and gathering information about the condition of the home.  The inspector is not in the position to tell you what to do with this information.  Whether you make repairs or ignore repairs it is important for any homeowner or buyer to know the condition of a property.  You can sit down with your NJ home inspector after the inspection to go over the checklist and findings.  While you can certainly ask for recommendations, the decisions of where to go from here are yours.


Contact the team at Sherlock Home Inspectors today to learn more about the ins and outs of a NJ home inspection.  We welcome the opportunity to explain the process, the checklist, and the report.  Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to home inspections in New Jersey.


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