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You know you should have a NJ home inspection as a contractual step in your process to buy a home, but do you know what to expect from the home inspection? Believe it or not there are common issues that appear on NJ home inspections and being aware that they could come up on the inspection of the home you are under contract on could save you some stress. Expectations are easier to take than surprises.


Here are some common issues that arise with a New Jersey home inspection:

  •  Drainage. Many a yard slope toward a home, which can cause drainage issues.
  • Roof issues. Roofs have a useful life and can have issues as they age. If shingles are not replaced along the way and issues are ignored the problems can intensify.
  • Wiring. Wiring is an extremely important part of the way a home works. While wiring can be fixed it can also be expensive and invasive, knowing issues exist prior to closing on a home is essential.


These are but a few common issues that can arise when conducting a home inspection. Knowing you have a reputable NJ home inspector conducting the job can make the entire process run more smoothly. Issues do not have to end a contract to buy a home but can be a great negotiating point while providing a solid understanding of the condition of a home.


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