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New Jersey home inspections involve a close examination of internal home systems, one being the water heater.  The water heater is an integral system in any home, offering hot water for your dishes, laundry and bathing.  When a hot water heater stops functioning it is almost always at the most inopportune time, one of the foremost reasons a home inspection should always include it on the checklist.


When your NJ home inspection is conducted the age of the water heater should be known.  The life span can be extended with proper care but on average one is expected to last eight to twelve years.  If your home, or a home you are purchasing has a water heater that is ten years old you may want to consider having it replaced.  Important elements of the water heater include  draining it to examine sediment deposits and the temperature and pressure relief valve among others.  Make sure your home inspector knows what to look for when examining your water heater.


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