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A New Jersey home inspection should focus on the construction of a home.  If you are conducting an inspection because you are buying a home make sure you know exactly what the inspection will cover.  If the home is a new home do not kid yourself, there are often many issues with new construction making it essential to hire a NJ home inspector regardless of whether the home is 100 years old or just completed.


New homes and homes that have recently been flipped should have a close inspection of the foundation, not to mention the home’s structural integrity.  In addition, just as in a routine home inspection, the window seals and door seals should be examined for air leakage.  A home is a huge investment and knowing what you are getting into is essential.  To assume anything could equal a huge mistake.


Contact the team at Sherlock Home Inspectors to learn more about NJ home inspections.  Our goal is to examine every square inch of your home so that you know exactly what you are buying.  Let our knowledge and experience work to your advantage.


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