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When it comes to NJ home inspections don’t downplay the electrical systems in your home.  Regardless of whether you are conducting an inspection as a checkup for your NJ home or an inspection as a buyer, the electrical system of the home should not be overlooked.  You may think that because a light switch actually turns on a light that everything is ok, but this is not always the case.


Make sure your NJ home inspector takes a close look at your wiring.  Wires should be coated thoroughly and not have any frayed wires poking out.  In addition the wires should be out of the elements, away from any water, and free of any bite marks that may have occurred from rodents.  It is also important to examine all of the outlets in a home to ensure that they work.  Outlets should also have safety standards.  If a home is an older home the outlets deserve a closer exam.


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